BIRC Sponsors Immigration Week on campus

From October 15th-21st, BIRC will be partnering with other student organizations around campus for Immigration Week. Immigration Week is dedicated to raising awareness about issues surrounding immigration reform in America. We hope to challenge the Brown community to think about citizenship and what it means to be a citizen. Is it a legal framework of papers and visas, or is it something more?

Events for the week:
Monday (Oct 15th): Keynote speaker Jose Vargas is coming to Brown to share his own story as an undocumented journalist
Tuesday (Oct 16th): Student panel on immigration and citizenship
Wednesday (Oct 17th): Senator Robert Meza (D-AZ) is coming to Brown to speak about the Arizonization of America
Thursday (Oct 18th): A border art installation will be installed on the main green.
Friday (Oct 19th): Roger Bonair-Agard, a poet from Trinidad and Tobago, will be performing at Brown.
Sunday (Oct 21st): The Multiracial Heritage Series will be hosting its annual parents’ weekend brunch with a central theme of immigration and family.

More information to come shortly.

BIRC is partnering with the following sponsors to bring you this amazing week: the TWC, the Asian/Asian American Heritage Series, the Latino Heritage Series, the Black Heritage Series, the Multiracial Heritage Series, and the Taubman Center.


About Brown Immigrant Rights Coalition

Fighting for justice for the immigrant community in Brown University and the Providence area.
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